16: How to Get Your Questions Answered

August 16, 2020

Nicole and Erin welcome their listeners back for Season 2 of the podcast. In this episode, they answer listener questions about the NGSS. Nicole and Erin love answering listener questions. If you would like your question featured on the show,…

8: How to Really Use The 5E Model

July 7, 2020

In this episode, Nicole answers Erin’s questions about using the 5E model to plan NGSS aligned lessons. Erin admits that she struggles with following through with 5E lesson plans and seeks Nicole’s advice. Nicole regularly usES the 5E model to…

S1 E7 How You Can Incorporate Phenomena

July 6, 2020

The use of phenomena is one of the biggest shifts that has come with the implementation of the NGSS. During this episode, Erin discusses the significance of phenomena in an NGSS aligned classroom. Also, she distinguishes between anchoring and investigative…