About the Teaching Science in 3D Podcast

Nicole and Erin met through social media because of a shared interest in science education and the NGSS. They launched the Teaching Science in 3D podcast in 2019. If you want to hear more about they got started, listen to the first episode of the podcast here.

Nicole Van Tassel

iExplore Science

Nicole is the founder and CEO of iExploreScience . What began as a passion-fueled venture into curriculum development evolved into a lifelong mission to provide high quality, flexible professional development to teachers struggling to transition to three dimensional instruction with the NGSS. Nicole also created iExplore Academy to fill the gap that currently exists between the adoption of three dimensional state standards and the implementation of these standards in the classroom. 

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Erin Sadler

Sadler Science

Erin Sadler is a former high school teacher, current middle school teacher and founder of Sadler Science. She is dedicated to helping science teachers improve their instructional practice and improving science education in elementary science.

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