113 Incorporating Student-Centered Science Stations

July 12, 2022

Traditional classrooms put teachers as tellers front and center. But, transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards and a more student-driven approach to science instruction moves the work of students to the main stage. Incorporating science stations is one way to create a classroom that values and emphasizes active learning. Also, it shifts ownership and responsibility for student work where it belongs: to your students!

10 How to Teach for Student Discovery

March 30, 2021

Back in Episode 2, Erin and Nicole discussed using a student-led approach in your classroom. In a student led environment, student should learn through discovery. In this episode, Nicole explains how to teach for student discovery in an NGSS aligned…

8: How to Really Use The 5E Model

July 7, 2020

In this episode, Nicole answers Erin’s questions about using the 5E model to plan NGSS aligned lessons. Erin admits that she struggles with following through with 5E lesson plans and seeks Nicole’s advice. Nicole regularly usES the 5E model to…